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Found 20th Feb 2017
Anyone bought from Whitebox Electrical Appliances in the past (www.whitebox.co.uk). Also seems they dont offer extended Warranty now my Manufacturers Warranty expired. Thoughts/advice?
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you device has a 6 year warranty. you dont need an extended warranty.
call your local consumer advice line and they will tell you the same.
under the sale of goods act any white goods or large electrical item should last around 5-6 years.
call the shop where you purchased it from and tell them you have called consumer advice and they have told you to quote the sale of goods act.
your contract is with the shop snd not the manufacturer like they will try to tell you to fob you off !
by law they have to offer to repair it or give you a percentage of the original cost depending on how old it is.
if they refuse you can take them to small claims court and they will settle before it gets that far.
good luck, but you dont need it as the law is on your side
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