who am I?

    Can anyone tell me because I need the answer.


    I dunno, who are you
    i recognise the avvy now

    a mad man/woman lol

    you answer that :lol:

    I got it, your crazy inside




    no thats you looking in the mirror


    dont care

    Let's have a chat and find out!!


    dont care


    ronnie corbit

    Well I know ur not me. So u can tick that off ur list.

    are you male female
    are you old or young
    are you single or not single
    are you happy or sad
    are you nice or mean

    well what are?

    mr or mrs nobody!

    You are a person who lives in Birmingham, drives an a4 and owns a xbox 360. That's what my 2 mins snooping told me about you.
    You also have a son and a sister and shop at Asda in Oldbury.
    You are also a nice and friendly chap who helps people with questions they have in a helpful and concise manner. You sound like a top bloke!

    :thumbsup:I just wonder if you are Gordon Brown? You don't know where you are going, certainly don't know what you are doing & nobody really cares. Am i close ?

    a time waster?

    Someone who cares too much about what people think of you?

    Or someone feeling abit depressed questioning yourself!
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