Who are the best drivers?

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    Women of course!!!

    contrary to the previous answer, men are.

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    Depends on who parked here:


    Or indeed who drives ]this car...

    Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

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    Or indeed who drives ]this car...__________________________Be good, Dio … Or indeed who drives ]this car...__________________________Be good, Dio :thumbsup:


    Men are the best!

    Define Best drivers!

    I used to drive untill my car sank in the dirt and i ended up stood on the roof rack here's a picture…769

    Men are best!.

    My wife drives a Galaxy to ferry the kids around.
    This car is equipped with parking sensors.
    She has put 3 dents in the back bumper so far.

    Either poor driving or just not listening.
    Which one do you think?.

    Women are the best

    She obviously cant hear the censors due to the kids being in the car, well if I was her that would be my excuse!

    velociraptors are the best

    Anyone that doesn't drive like a madman desparate to get to the annual Mr Madman convention.

    i dunno , im a woman but im a bad driver, well i wouldnt say bad driver just cant park to save my life lol but then again i've only just passed my test, i think people who drive vans are idiots

    Women are the cheapest to insure - so I guess that makes us the better driver dont you think!

    Have to say men!

    Sorry Guys.... it's official
    Controlling an automobile requires skill, flexibility and demands the driver's attention to detail, but when it comes to crowning the champion of the highway it turns into a battle of the sexes.

    So who are the better drivers, men or women?

    According to results from a report recently conducted by researchers at Bradford University where brain science was the deciding factor, guys may want to surrender the wheel and polish those impeccable navigation skills. It's possible women might just take this one.

    The study illustrated not only the efficiency of women drivers but also concluded that women have the superior driving skills.

    According to some earlier studies, male drivers were originally considered to be better. Scientists believed men were better drivers as a result of high levels of testosterone, a hormone in the brain.

    Testosterone contributes to many skills in both men and women, but the high levels of testosterone found in men significantly increase their spatial abilities. Spatial awareness is important when driving because it allows the driver to be aware of distances and to have a better perception of vehicle space. The hormone is also helpful in parking and interpreting maps, previous studies revealed.

    The study at Bradford University, however, concluded the contrary. Researchers found that women the better drivers due to estrogen, a hormone identified in the female brain.

    Although, the researchers did admit that, as a whole, men have a higher level of spatial interpretation than their female counterparts, they explained that it was specifically a woman's versatility which allowed her to triumph over men on the road.

    The Bradford researchers also found that women are considerably better than men at shifting concentration. Whereas a man may hold his concentration for a long period of time, ignoring outside stimuli, a woman would naturally react, granting her the upper hand in unplanned situations, such as an abrupt stop or unexpected traffic.

    "Estrogen may positively influence neuronal activity in the frontal lobes, the area of the brain stimulated by tasks of attention and rule learning," researchers said in their report.

    Brittany Russell, a senior marketing major at Ole Miss, said she agrees with the results of the study.

    "I can understand that. I mean, I really can't parallel park but definitely I agree," Russell said. "I mean I can talk on my phone, put on mascara and pay attention to the road with no problem, but I really don't do all those things at once. It's just not a good idea."

    Researchers also explained that men are inclined towards adventure and risk taking. Females, however, have a characteristic of rational decision making, another skill complementary to a good driver.

    Scientists also noted the study was not conclusive and there was still room to study the brain chemistry between men and women.

    Some Ole Miss students were not eager to accept the Bradford University results. In fact, many students said they found the average female drivers to be more dangerous than male drivers.

    "All the girls I know have severe road rage," said John Cole Jennings, a senior political science major. When asked to comment on his own driving ability, Jennings said, "I'm always watching what I'm doing. I've never had a wreck."

    Nick Neave, long-time researcher of hormonal differences between the sexes at the University of Northumbria, said that good driving did not come down to a single skill.

    Rather, drivers had to have a mix of different skills to successfully operate a car.

    "There is a motor skill; there is rule learning, attention, spatial awareness and confidence as well," Neave said.

    Most people are getting mixed up with "Better driver(Men)" and "Safer drivers(Women)".


    Most people are getting mixed up with "Better driver(Men)" and "Safer … Most people are getting mixed up with "Better driver(Men)" and "Safer drivers(Women)".

    Saint....this may not happen a lot to you,but I agree with you!:)

    Any gender from Finland, they know how to drive in that country, even the female Senior Exec from a large Pharma company in Finland who was in her 40s that I was visiting, could a handle a car sideways on snow, at speed :-D
    After that she took me driving on a frozen lake, in 300BHP dune buggies now that was fun, and she beat me every time.



    Most people are getting mixed up with "Better driver(Men)" and "Safer … Most people are getting mixed up with "Better driver(Men)" and "Safer drivers(Women)".

    i agree:thumbsup:
    But most of the girl drivers i know scare the poo out of me!
    Then again three of my mates (All passed first time) have crashed :?

    Women are excellent drivers, from the back seat :whistling:

    Golfers TIGER WOODS :whistling:
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