With it being a bank holiday weekend, like many others. we had planned some home improvements . . . . that was until we awoke to find it snowing!!!

    Now, I don't know what it was like down your way but around ours we had a mass snowball fight, even some of the children joined in. (You have to make the most of the snow nowadays).

    Then after that when everyone else had gone in to dry off(and trying to remeber the last time I did it) I built a snowman.

    Did anyone else do the same or was it just me reverting back to my childhood days?
    I'll show you mine if you show me yours . . .


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    That's a snowman? Post modern?

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    Dare to be different - that's my motto


    love the lippy!!:giggle:

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    Perhaps I should have put snowlady!! although now it has melted a little, it looks quite scary:w00t:

    Anybody brave enough to show their's then????

    Rep given to the best (or worst):giggle:

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    i built a snowwaman

    for those that dont know th difference

    sno nalls!!

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    snow-one challenging me then?
    Maybe I'm just a big kid (who wants to grow old?)


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    Fantastic - love the punky leek hairdo!

    Ahh I would love to be able to behave like I did when I was a kid but we do not have any snow up here,SNOW FAIR! lol

    We forgot the lips LOL I love yours!!!

    Ours is sadly melted away now(don't know how to do a sad face).....

    all the snow puns are sno funny


    That so looks like the Lincoln imp lol...its fab

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    That so looks like the Lincoln imp lol...its fab

    Sorry, never heard of the Lincoln Imp.
    It did start off looking like Shrek but the funnel ears kept falling off - looked like a Gargoyle in the end.

    Just looked out of the window and it's snowing again.:-D
    Lippy (as he/she is now known) is still there but looks kinda scary.
    I might have to re-do the lips tomorrow if it survives (used food colouring)
    Would welcome anymore pics - come on, don't be embarrassed.

    Hahahahahahaha they have got to be the funniest snowmen ever! Great work

    This is lincoln imp

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    This is lincoln imp

    :lol: It's Lippy!!!
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