Who calls me

    I keep on getting calls from this number

    cant seeem to find anything from google


    called it back and got a dead line has anyone had calls from this number before and i have had 3 in spaces of 7 hours


    There are a few websites out there, such as "Who Calls Me?" but none have managed to find anything. There are several reasons why, but the common one is that it's a private line (i.e part of a network of numbers within a building - such as 0207 888 1000, 1001, 1002 and so forth). This would explain why there's literally nothing to find on Google.

    That being said, I generally find that just searching for the first half of the number may indeed reveal some information. So on that note I had a look at "020 7098" and found that many businesses operate within these parameters in EC2N 3AS which is in or around Bishopsgate. As you may know, they're known around those parts as the financial sector. It may have something to do with insurance, or banking. Are you up for renewal or did you look up a quote?

    The only way you'll really know is if you call back (on private number mind!) to see who the hell they are. It is frustrating I know - I get a few myself every now and then - and they refuse to leave voicemails.

    Good luck!

    Verizon UK own that number according to this:…070

    Look up 0207 098 and they own those prefix numbers.

    in b4 "sorry, my bad"

    sorry my bad :oops:

    have you signed up to sky recently? looks similar to a number i kept getting after upgrading to HD, from an insurance company who pretend to be from sky offering aftercare for my box..... no matter how many times i told them to go away impolitley!

    ruggerz;7561134 its a suspicious … its a suspicious number.....i'll still have a look around for you....PS... like a telemarketer...

    That first link was referenced by me earlier in this thread and doesn't contain the number in question. You've only linked to 020 which of course is going to list thousands of numbers.

    The 2nd link you've posted contains 0 complaints, and decided to mention telemarketing despite the fact it's a news article.


    ive had a few of these recently but from 0800 numbers... ring back and its dead....ansered 1 the other night and it was an automated sales line offering dodgy loans....not even a bloody person to waste their time for a while:(
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