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Who can certify a copy of my passport for less than £30

Posted 25th Jul 2011
Just rang my GP to see if they can certify a copy of my passport and said that they charge £30! Simply can't afford that as I need all the money I can for travel to uni next month so I was wondering if anyone knew of cheaper options?
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There are loads of people can do it. Nurses, any established civil servant, your local postmaster etc. You should be able to find someone willing to do it for nothing - £30 - im gobsmacked!!!!!!
Post office verifies 3 documents for £7.15.
Got mine verified at my bank for free, quite a few years ago mind.
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I have also got my documents verified from a bank but then I had a letter from the same bank asking for verification to be carried out by bank staff member and the lady who verfied did not put bank name stamp , she just wrote her name and staff ID. But it can be woth a try. If you have some personal advisor at bank he/she may be able to do it for you.
Good luck!
If you have any friends that are teachers, police officers, firemen etc. they can do it for you. It doesn't have to be someone who knows you in a professional capacity, as long as they are in a recognised profession it is fine if they are friends. Hope that makes sense.
Have a look on the passport form.
There is a list of people that can do it. Choose one that you know, and that's that.
Tell your money grabbing blood sucking leech of a GP what you think & that you're changing dr's then go to your local library and they'll do it for free!!
By the way most GP's now earn over £100K and hold big budgets which makes this sort of demand hard to believe they are in the caring profession!!!!
i used my driving licence num and they accepted that, ;0
My OH did it for my neighbour as he is an IT Programmer so lots of folks can do it, just ask somebody you know who is a 'professional'
a solicitor will do it for around fiver
Ask your accountant at work, assuming they are qualified (ACA, ACMA etc).
Thanks for all the replies. I've had a really fun day trying to get a certified document today. First my local PO who said they do not do it and to try the other PO. Then to the bank who said they can certify their own documents i.e. mortgage docs, but they cannot do my EU passport.

Then it was off to the other PO who said they can certify it but after rereading the requirements realised that it has to be an official (police office, civil cervant, doctot, etc) with contact details.

So, off to the police station who had a big sign on the door stating that they do not certify documents.. lol

Tomorrow is another day. I'll head to another PO that has a 'postmaster' who apparently has the ability to provide this level of certification.

Wish me luck and thanks again for all the comments and advice.
Ask one of your existing lecturers, as long as they have known you for 2 years, they are fine. If not a clerk at your bank, even a football coach, or sports coach! Tell your GP to stick it
Oh even lorry drivers can countersign if you know any, and your local landlord of your pub (as long as he is the licence holder)
Your local pharmist chemist /notary/someone that is in high standing teachers ,bank manager,postoffice
Good luck

My OH did it for my neighbour as he is an IT Programmer so lots of folks … My OH did it for my neighbour as he is an IT Programmer so lots of folks can do it, just ask somebody you know who is a 'professional'

didn't realise programmers could certify passports

Oh even lorry drivers can countersign if you know any, and your local … Oh even lorry drivers can countersign if you know any, and your local landlord of your pub (as long as he is the licence holder)

Lorry drivers really?.
It changed in 2008 and basically anyone who has known you for 2years and hold one of many many professions
Pretty much any profession can do it, I got my passport this year and my friends dad who is a driving instructer varified it for me. So basically anyone.
Im not sure it can be just any professional. I looked into it last year, I hold a degree, so I assumed I could, but it turned out to be untrue, If they are members or official bodies, or a director of a company (think it may have to be a LTD company) then they can
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Who you can ask to be your countersignatory
Your countersignatory should:

have known you for at least two years
live in the UK

Your countersignatory should not:
be related to you by birth or marriage
be in a personal relationship with you
live at the same address as you
work for the Identity and Passport Service

Your countersignatory should be a professional person or a person of good standing in the community.

These are examples of the type of person that would be suitable:
airline pilot
articled clerk of a limited company
assurance agent of recognised company
bank/building society official
chairman/director of limited company
commissioner of oaths
councillor (local or county)
civil servant (permanent), but not someone who works for IPS
director/manager of a VAT-registered charity
director/manager/personnel officer of a VAT-registered company
engineer (with professional qualifications)
financial services intermediary (eg a stockbroker or insurance broker)
fire service official
funeral director
insurance agent (full time) of a recognised company
Justice of the Peace
legal secretary (fellow or associate member of the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs)
licensee of public house
local government officer
manager/personnel officer (of a limited company)
member, associate or fellow of a professional body
Member of Parliament
Merchant Navy officer
minister of a recognised religion (including Christian Science)
nurse (RGN and RMN)
officer of the armed services (active or retired)
paralegal (certified paralegal, qualified paralegal or associate member of the Institute of Paralegals)
person with honours (an OBE or MBE, for example)
photographer (professional)
police officer
Post Office official
president/secretary of a recognised organisation
Salvation Army officer
social worker
teacher, lecturer
trade union officer
travel agent (qualified)
valuer or auctioneer (fellows and associate members of the incorporated society)
Warrant Officers and Chief Petty Officers

Eh?don't think i have ever got someone to sign my passports,been all over aswell.
Go to your local pub if you know the landlord he can do it for you, i've down it for people,now if they want to buy me a beer afterwards thats a result.
My dad who is a driving instructor signed mine. As long as they put there DVLA registered number on it too it should work. Hope you got it ok.
My Dentist did mine for free.
Post offices certify your Id for £7.15. Not certain this is what you after. Link to PO

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