Who can claim towards Childcare costs?

    I'd greatly appreciate it if someone can give more info on who is entitled to claim Childcare costs? Is there a cut off in income when a couple can't claim towards After School Care and Holiday Playscheme costs? As working parents, we have no option than to place our child in such schemes.

    I rang the Childcare helpline and was informed that once the joint income goes over £25k, there isn't much point in claiming for these costs as it has a negligible effect. Apart from sounding genuinely disinterested with my query, I found his answer quite hard to believe!

    Thanks in advance.


    unfortuately its true!
    once again we (working parents) would probably be better off not bothering to work and let the state pay our way.


    the key point is that the actual amount depends on your income.

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    Thanks. I can't find any figures on the income in that link though. Wish they could just break it down and say those earning over so and so can't claim towards such care.

    Don't know why we have a system in place that totally excludes working parents and yet isn't hesitant to continue paying for those who "choose" not to work. Our layout neighbours, both in their 20s and with 4 kids already, are prime examples of a culture that encourages lack of responsibility. Gets on my nerve!

    You may be able to get childcare vouchers eg Busybees through your employer which you use to pay those providing the childcare. The advantage of this is the money is taken off before your tax and NI so you are saving 30% as you are not paying the tax etc on the childcare costs......

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    Ah, thanks for that. Will check it out.

    try going on the tax credits website or, they both have calculators which will enable you to check what you are eligible for.

    get your company to sign up here u can get tax free childcare vouchers


    good luck with tax credits - it is a black art as far as i can work out

    i would imagine that there is some form of calculation to back up the award you get, but god only knows where this exists

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    Thanks to all who responded. Cheers. Will check out the links and other suggestions.
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