Who can solve a Rubik's Cube?

Found 29th Aug 2008
Hey, so i have got a cross but now im stuck and am now starting to get really pi**ed off!!!

So if i post video on YouTube please can someone be so kind to post a responce of what i am doing wrong and show me what to do next?

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Id edit your op unless you want an infraction mate
will smith can

Id edit your op unless you want an infraction mate

sorry thought it did it automacitly

sorry thought it did it automacitly

It does just not on OP's (i think its something to do with the mods masterplan:whistling:)
The last instructions sound screwy and you actually start messing up what you have done already, this throws many who try and follow the instructions. The key is to 'trust' the instructions and follow them to a 't' and turn the corners the correct way round one by one, keep the same side and just turn the bottom to align an incorrect corner and then correct it using the sequence, by the time the last corner is corrected the whole cube falls back into place.

I'm assuming your using a how to guide.
I don't have the patience required to solve a Rubiks cube
I used to be able to do it... could get all the way to having a just a couple of corner pieces out, from memory.

Haven't a clue now, but search for a guide online - there are loads out there.
pull the stickers off and restick em :thumbsup:
thats probs what would happen to one if i got my mits on it cuzzy
LOL cuzzy
everytime i start messing with these it ends up getting thrown!
Id end up painting the colours on, id crack up tryna do this i aint got no patience whatsoever xxxx
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