who do i complain to regarding a local chemist?

Posted 28th Sep 2011
over the last 5 weeks i've had 2 of my prescriptions with tablets missing, yesterday was a biggy an entire box of tablets which the druggies love , the time before was just 2 tablets out of a prescription of 10 tablets, they were diasapan ( spellings)
the chemist is the local one where ALL the druggies go for their fix of what ever they are supposed to be on, they sit outside shouting at everyone who goes in,fighting swearing, drinking, injecting you name it and they've done it outside this chemist.

Ive spoken to the manager in person today who couldnt give me an answer as to where this missing box might have gone?
the box i was given didnt even have a sticky label with the instructions and name on, so the script wasnt even checked before it was handed out?
she also told me when i asked did they do stock checks they dont! they dont check the medicines ever!
surely that cant be right
Im not happy about it as my tablets have my name and DOB on the box ( or it should have) they cant find it, it could have been sold on, or given to the wrong person,
I spoke to a police officer friend and he said the local police are aware of a problem and thats all he would say

so does anyone have any idea who i complain to regarding this chemist? I'm in Wales incase that makes a difference
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