Who do I report non receipt of goods to please? Advice needed!

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Found 15th Apr 2009
Hi all, I recently went on themusicking.co.uk to buy my son a guitar, it was meant to have arrived in time for his birthday as it said on there its quick delivery, so i waited and waited and contacted them so many times, eventually they respond to say that sorry their stock hadn't arrived and do i want to cancel and have a refund. so i said i would like a refund thanks, this was over a week ago and i haven't had a refund, haven't heard back from them and my emails are getting ignored again, the phone number on their site either goes to a message saying to email them or just rings and rings, I'm now convinced that unless I take action I am not going to see my money but I am not sure who to contact to report them - well actually my first plan would be to email again to say that I am going to report them to whoever it is unless they refund right now. Can anyone advise me please in how to go about this? Thanks and rep added for replies. Cheers!


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i paid nearly £70 and used my paypal topup card to buy it - will see what their site has to say about it - thanks.

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Thanks, unfortunatley it isn't linked to a paypal account so will have to go through customer services, have just emailed them, hopefully they can help, what a nightmare!!

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thanks, had to buy him a more expensive one to get it in time in the end, this has been going on for soooo long am sick of it all!!!! they must be sick of getting the emails aswell, maybe if i just send them an email every hour they will eventually sort it out!!!!!

trading standards might give them a spank.

contact your bank and initiate a chargeback if at all possible?

Not sure what a paypal top up card is... how can this be used and not be connected to paypal?

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well you wouldn't believe it now - after waiting for my refund and hassling them as it hasn't shown up - i'm told that it has been donw, still no sign and now a guitar arrives with me - not even the one i ordered!!!! unbelievable - never deal with these guys, just ridiculous, have no idea what i am going to do now - possibly just sell it on ebay will be quicker than waiting for a refund from them!!!!aagghh!!

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an update for anyone who is thinking of buying from these guys - i have still had no response from them with regards to any of this - they are a nightmare !

Just out of interest, but what was the guitar they sent you?

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I ordered a left handed westfield and got a left handed stagg - just sick of it all, am so desperate to get my money back, they are not responding at all to me and i am out of options, this sucks when i'm so skint!

Shame I didn't see this thread earlier. What was the overall outcome.

My wife ordered me a practice amp from these crooks. Unfortunately, as it was birthday present she ordered it using a debit card so I wouldn't spot it on the credit card bill.

2 months down the line still no amp or refund. Emailed them loads for a refund, wife called them and they said they'd refund. Just about to start the small claims court process. If it goes to court it's going to cost them a hell of a lot more in expenses as they are guaranteed to lose.

Avoid like the plague.
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