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    Report a website to? Its about the behavoir of its users in the Forum. They r sayin that they r goin to go to a uses house and kick the **** out of them and goin to set fire to them get the idea . Ive just had it with the site and its gone to far now. :x

    oh the MODS have not done a thing about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if it dosnt sound right then its becos ive not been to bed lol


    if its a forum, then it has an owner. report it to them! but its upto the user to do that.

    If it gets so bad, they can always report it to the police, not that they'd take much intrest.

    option 3 is to tell this person to stop being such a girl and stand upto these "internet warriors" - wikapedia doesnt recognise internet warrior but basically its people who give threats and think they're big when online, but in 3D world they aint much.

    If it's on a dedicated server that the website's on, theres not much you can do. However if the website is being hosted, companies don't like this sort of behaviour as it tarnishes there name, so you can report to the company and all the posts will be deleted and the site owner will receive a warning, depending on how severe it is though. If it is what you say it is then no doubt posts removed and warned.

    Like I said about websites that are on dedicated servers. You'll find all the sites I won't name them all but I'll class it, hateful, racial, hacking, pornographic etc.
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