Who does extended warranty on xbox 360s?

    Over in the US best buy have a 2yr guarantee for something like 40 bucks and if you have trouble with your 360,they give you a new one no questions asked.
    Ms in uk do 2 yr warranty but all thats getting you is repair/refurbished unit you won`t get a new one back unless you`re on your nth 360(and it has happened).
    So maybe we could gather info here on whos doing straight swap outs for new (not going back to ms).I don`t imagine there`s anyone in uk:whistling: .

    I noted on another forum that a lot of places will refer you to ms for repair/etc within first year but people have had success by quoting the sales of goods act which says
    `your contract is with the shop that supplied it to you not the manufacturer as UK law states.`


    I got an absolute bargain on here for a 360 about 9 months ago. Premium pack with extra wireless controller for around £209 from PC world online.

    I had a hardware failure (e67) and took it back to the shop and they replaced it for a brand new no problem plus a new years warrenty.

    As you say, some shops will try get you to go direct to the manufacturer but your contract is with the shop you purchased the item and they are obliged to replace it.

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    Nice deal you got fiz,and getting new one back even better.Wish deal was still on!.
    Looks like cores are going to go down in a bid to move stocks tho judging by boots and plays pricing.

    tbh the way 360s are going they're all pretty much covered under the sale of goods act for a good few years
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