who drinks coca-cola?

    i wonder if any of you have heard of the promotion that coca-cola are running where you use a special code on your cans or bottles of coca-cola and you can use them to boost your football clubs transfer fund by a minimum of 50p each code and 1 in every 2 codes wins well i was wondering if any of you nice hotukdealers would send me your codes via pm please as my club bradford city need every bit of help they can get at the moment also IF i won the big prize of £250.000 for my club i also would get £10.000 which i doubt would happen! i would donate that to the NSPCC childrens charity
    thanks! lee.


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    please help me help my club! even if you hate football!

    sent u pm

    The £250,00 has already gone to Hull City :-(

    The £250,000's gone Hull City won it

    Beat me by 2 mins

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    [SIZE=2]ahh well there is more to be won! and thank you very much for the code yummymummy1987![/SIZE]

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    does anyone else have any more codes from cans or bottles of coke please i will ad rep to those who send me codes thanks!

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