who else got the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 from Gearbest recently?

Found 23rd Oct 2016
so I ordered the Mi Band 2 as I lost my old Mi Band 1 and my second jawbone Up2 has failed

Got back home yesterday and the band had been delivered

BUT have I got a fake ?

Gearbest site says Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband - but all reviews / youtube vids I have checked show the Mi Band 2 is supplied in a traditional Xiaomi beige / manilla coloured box with only the Mi logo on it - mine is in a white box with also a photo of the Mi Band 2 on the front face.

also mine was not shipped from China but from an address in West Drayton

but more annoyingly it will not connect to any Android phone I have

any ideas folks?


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Sounds like a fake
I got one from an offer on this site. Mine seems OK. It connects to my s7 ok after a try or two.

Mine works OK and the sleep monitoring is very good. The only thing is that when doing exercise the heart beat is not that accurate but I have since learned that the fitbit charge hr 2 is the same in this regard. Personally I would never pay the extra for a fitbit as you're not getting a big step up. As far as I can see you are only getting a better app.

It's probably just be an updated box compared to the initial released version, which the reviewers would have. The Redmi Note 2 had a manilla box with just the Mi logo. Whereas, the Redmi Note 3 and other models since then have been white packaging with the image of the product on the front. Geekbuying product page for the Mi Band 2. Last 2 product images show a white box with the image of the Mi Band on the front.
The box has changed, you have the new one. Try activating the location services on your phone, they will not connect if you don't have the location service enabled. You might not be happy with your band if you want accuracy. Mine is out on the heartrate by upto 30% I have checked it's reliability with some medical equipment and it really sucks on that front. It thinks i'm fast asleep when i'm not it is also not accurate there either, it tells me i have 9-10 hours of sleep when i might have 5 hours. This thing is now about 40% out with my heartrate, not all the time, sometimes it can be very accurate. Might be sending it back as all i an use it for now (reliably) is to tell the time. :-(
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Cracked it

I was using my old Mi Account and the app was hell bent on trying to connect my old lost Mi Band 1

Created a new account and it still did not want to play ball - but after unpairing the new Mi Band 2 in Bluettoth settings and rebooting the phone it finally found the band and did a firmware update and sorted itself out

Thanks for the update. Glad to see you got your Mi Band 2 working. I had similar issues with the Mii band 1 and 1s. Now I don't bother using the pairing in Android for the band I just use the app it all works fine. Weirdly it can take a few minutes (up to 30) for the app to detect the band I think the band goes into deep sleep.

WRT the packaging there is variation between the China retail models and the international packing for the 1 and 1s assume the 2 is the same. The 2 is bigger so the form factor changed. The 1 and 1s share the same form factor so bands / charger are the same.

Chap at work got the Mi Band 2, I have the 1s all fine. After a few weeks his had water in. Perhaps the seal on the switch had failed? Would be good to hear how you get on with the Mi Band 2. I've not heard about other units leaking I think the chap at work was just unlucky.

Worth noting with the Mi Band 2 disable the display auto on feature as this puts the display on when your wrist moves. It is supposed to be when you look at the unit but in practice it drains the battery excessively as the display is on so much.

I'm impressed with the durability of the build and design of these units the 1, 1s and 2 are exemplary the firmware and software is updated and improved. The most recent update for my 1s allows it to continue data capture for days when the battery is low (no radio or vibrate function) then when you charge it the data logged is transferred to the phone.

Also have the scales again shockingly good design and build.

Worth noting on the Mi Band 1 and 1s (Assume same for 2) things like the alarm are on the band so will work even if you have no phone - Nice touch.

The vibrate for notification is a really worth looking at. I've my phone on silent at work but never miss a call / SMS/ hangout / Freedompop text. As my phone is not set to vibrate this is very discrete.Recommend you try setting this up if you have not used this before.

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