Who else has Boots.com website trouble?

Posted 23rd Jan 2009
Can i have a show of hands?
Who else is having major problems with this website.
Yesterday i couldn't excess my shopping basket. Now i can't even logg into my account or view items.
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I've just logged on ok

Heard people mention on here that you have to clear out your cookies?
Just tried that, still not working. [sigh]
Thanks for the suggestion though.
If you're using IE try Firefox?
mine is the same, i carnt see my basket ! it took me ages to get the sale stuff in there. Boots website is really poor.
Yes Boots is now officially a PITA site ;-)
i can get the stuff in my basket-but none of it is sale price !
The Boots website is a farce, one minute it works then it doesn't etc etc
Iv always had quite a few problems on this website but thought it was just me!!! Is there anyway to solve it or is it a problems their end?
basket emptied twice - emailed them thanks to cheerleader

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