Who else has pre orderd ufc undisputed 2009?(xbox 360)

    I can wait to get this game, i pre orderd it with shopto but missed out on the free dvd offer,it would be great if i get the game on wed,this has happend before so you never know lol.if anyone is getting it and planning on playing online then please leave your gamertag and i'll add you



    I got it......right here

    20mb rocks

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    lol thats cool but you cant beat owning a game

    who said i have not pre ordered it

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    who said i have not pre ordered it

    knowone did i just said you cant beat owning it

    how is the game? haven't played the demo, gonna get the bionic commando and terminator games too

    havnt played it to be honest abu, been revising and busy

    not pre ordered, but gonna go down asda friday morning after my night shift and grab it as its pay day!

    If I need a fix I just lock an arm bar or triangle choke on a tramp . . . .

    But am looking forward to this, has gotten decent hype!

    Played the demo alot. Thinking of buying it.

    I was going to buy it. However after playing fight night round 4 Ive changed my mind and pre ordered that instead. UFC is good game, but FN round 4 has a loada improvements

    Fight night round 4 trailers look AMAZING.

    ufc is ok, is fn4 demo out? is it around for download to put onto disc aint got my 360 hooked up to net, cant see it on my usual source
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