who else is watching or listening to the tony blair inquiry

    just started


    Watching it yes-the chairman of the enquiry is FAR too soft on all witnesses imho-compare this to american senate enquiries.why dont they just tell tony how marvellous they all think he is and be done with it?

    Far too nicey nicey-millions of pounds spent on an enquiry that will be inconclusive-really think their findings will be that blair is a liar? no chance whatsoever!

    Good luck Tony!
    Edited by: "boothy" 21st Jan 2011


    complete waste of taxpayers money once again. End result is bound to be the usual whitewash

    who cares.......BANG BANG ....TONY


    What channel is it on?


    Go Team Tony!

    watching peppa pig here...... probabaly more believable!


    inb4 the haterz.... oh wait!

    Such a nice man

    Doesnt matter what Blair says ,People arent looking for the truth ,They already have their minds made up,
    Edited by: "tonyg1962" 21st Jan 2011


    It was illegal.

    good luck tony.

    He was a glory hunter who should be tried as a war criminal
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