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Found 10th Jul 2013
What are your opinions on them? I've opened a 21-day trial almost a week ago and they've only just allocated my first disc (number 4 on my list, grumble grumble). I've also got a two-week trial with Blockbuster but none of my list has been allocated and moved yet in the week I've had that open.

So what do you lot think? Who's best? LoveFilm are obviously ending their interest in gaming so where are you taking your business?

Also, has anyone had The Last of Us from Boomerang yet?
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I know it's a lot to read but I am going to post what I wrote about boomerang on the other threads that have be made since all the Love Film stuff.

I have used Boomerang on and off for over nearly 5 years now and I can safely say its the best: I tried Lovefilm after the free month and yes I saw a drop in the turnaround for stuff: I also really don't care about films.

There are a ton of options for rentals @ boomerang: while membership start at £4 the best start from £10 (1 game at a time but unlimited a month) but for £16 per month I currently have the priority 2 package: it provides unlimited (amount of rents a month) plan with 2 games being sent at a time but I also have the Priority part (which is explained below) after I think 6 months you can get accounts with 3 or 4 games sent at a time!

Priority gives us users first dips on games. Using this service I have gotten all but 1 game on day of release (another time was the post offices fault) over those 5 years: I have also seen games that they don't have a lot of copy's be sent to me over non Priority members.

According to my account I have rented just under 300 games, none of which I have had any problems with (not working ect) they also let you buy the games before/after you rent it: or you can buy it while your renting and they send you the box/instructions! They also send stuff out the same day they get your other games if they have it and they also started a scheme that if you wait over a day for a new game you some sort of points which can be used for free months rental and stuff (but right now its very limited and seen as I always get my games I have very little points.)

The main thing is to look how much you want to pay and if you want the new games ASAP

I have only had one game that was not sent out in time for launch, sometimes the turn around is slow for a game that just came out because of course people are playing them but you can get them sometimes on the Monday or Tuesday after the Friday launch: I always get my games back in time (so as long as you get your games back on or before Thursday you will get the game through your door on Friday)

I also said in the other thread that you can buy months in bulk to get a better deal and save cash, they also have a referral scheme and you can get a free month if someone you recommend starts paying: so if your interested in starting with them I would be grateful if you come to me first and give me your email address so I can get a free month **shameless plug over***

I hope this is useful info for you guys.
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