who fixes Sony Ericssons?

    I brought Sony Ericsson k800i in January. Now it has a fault, brought it from Marshal world. Sent them an email but they haven't replied yet. Normally if a mobile has a fault, you can take it to a repair centre where they fix it for free as long as you have a receipt and the mobile is still under warranty. The fault is it doesn't charge properly. The slop where the charger goes in has a fault.

    Just wondering which centre would fix Sony Ericssons that are still under warranty for free?


    Phone up Marshall Ward or SE.

    Take it into a carphone warehouse repair centre. They will repair it for free.

    phone the network provider or sony

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    thanks guys, taken it to carphone warehouse.

    Do CPW really repair Sony Ericssons for free even if you didn't buy it there? Seems a bit strange to me
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