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    Im wondering if anyone can help me, i recently sent a special five pound note (jack nichlaus, golf legend) to florida to get specially signed, iv had it back and iv got a couple of other fivers and some holder leaflets to frame, this was like a special thing that happend in St.andrews scotland a few years back.
    It has to be a pine frame to go with my parents furniture, this is for his xmas which i think he will really love as he is golf mad !

    Ok i need a pine frame, size 20" x 12" and has to have like a velvet feel or black background, just so the notes/card leaflets stick out

    Hope anyone can help


    I thought you were gona say roger rabbit :giggle:

    Original Poster

    Ah but it got you to look tho didnt it hehe

    Yep :giggle:

    I cant help though, but thought id leave a footprint as i was nosey!

    Original Poster

    lol i like how you said that "a wee footprint" aawww how sweet

    Everyone on here thinks im sweet
    Shame im not in real life :giggle:
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