who got the best mortgage rates at min and where from?

    hi people im looking at mortgage rates and which is the best at the min? i banks with

    does it help if i bank with them or can i get one from anywhere? whats the best place to look at what the max i can lend?



    you can get one from anywhere. it may mean you need to produce more for setup if you don't bank with them.

    lloyds tsb has a rate of 1.99% which is incredible. unfortunately you'll have a personalized rate with all to my knowledge based on your purchase situation.

    good luck

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    i want one which i pay the same every month, not for it to be up and down every month.

    are they strict?
    ive been in work since 2007 but only become perm since 2009 sep would this go against me?

    Have a look at the FSA website they have tables of all the mortgage rates

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    what i mean is strict to giving it out? only cause ive only become perm in sep 09 but have been as good as perm since xmas 07

    looking for 75k around £400 amonth i think fixed but alot are 2yrs only. what happens after 2yrs? start again?
    also trying to find out more info as to insurance top one eg if you every lost your job they pay so much.
    anything out there?

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    we get 27k ayr and looking for 90% mortgage
    ok so how much eg would all them insurances cost if we get out own?

    i have a 10k car at min which would be paid in nov 09 so looking to get started then but looking at deals now etc

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    ok but i like doing everything instore not on net with this sort of thing. i no i found one which say i could have £75k on 25yr £395/ £7500 deposit
    unsure if thats good?

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    lend 75k
    ill have £7500 deposit
    and repay between £400-£425
    1st time buying

    worry in case my job thats why ive holded off

    think it was hsbc i found it for the above?
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