Who has a dirty mind ???

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    removed link

    unfortunately seen before... but still... I'm a dirty girl! ;-)

    LOOOOOOOOL im not going to spoil it LOLLL LMAOOO
    dont spoil it peeps let the other views see for them self

    Lol is all i can say.

    hahaha only you for posting it
    tho i didn't know what it was going on about :oops:

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    hahaha only you for posting it :ptho i didn't know what it was going on … hahaha only you for posting it :ptho i didn't know what it was going on about :oops:

    you lie !!!!!!!!!!!!


    you lie !!!!!!!!!!!!

    i know but i am honest and will say i do have a dirty mind :oops:

    o no i can view the whole album including all ur personal family fotos!!!

    spammed this till sorted.....dont want ppl taking mick

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    removing Link

    I think you can repost the link after you have made your album private

    how do u make it the way cute fotos FA! hehe

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    the7y werent mine :lol:

    it was a friends account they sent me the link & i didnt check they had made it private :-(

    you should be able to when ya create an album

    so ur not from el salvador!?! haha!!


    Wow :?

    Didnt think you had "those" type of photos online FA :thumbsup:

    Are those self shots or was there a 2nd party in the room? :thumbsup:

    o no FA what u dne!! haha

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    ok they have made it private now ........ little late though :lol:

    link is…gif


    I always miss the nudes :-(

    no nudes...... just some weird fotos and a tribute to el salvador

    Who was the girl in the blue dress :whistling:

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    no idea :lol:

    the girl is latino but not sure where she is from ......

    FA has secrets.....intersting secrets!

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    FA has secrets.....intersting secrets!

    don't tell them :whistling:
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