who has bought spore ?

    who has bought spore?

    i have not bought it yet but was looking to getting it

    i read somewehre that there is a problem with the eu versions about not being able to save

    does any one ave any more detail about this



    my mates got it, its quality

    I have not got it, but like you i have heard that it contain several bugs. Then again most games seem to nowadays. It will all be fixed with a patch.

    I've got Spore, I had a problem on the initial install where it wouldn't launch but a reinstall sorted it - working fine otherwise.


    mine works fine - thought id have problems running it as cant run sims2 but it works perfectly - and it saves too.

    Not bought it, But attained it. Nice little game.

    also obtained a copy.
    works perfectly, nice game.


    I tried it but deleted it after an hour. very boring and ran like a dog on my 2ghz core duo!
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