Who Has Sky Talk & Broadband & Sky HD

Found 13th Aug 2009
Afternoon All,

I am thinking of getting the Sky HD package and also 10mb broadband and their sky talk package! But i just wanted to know of peoples experiences with sky in terms of internet & phone.

Also was wondering what prices people are paying for their internet, phone and sky HD package.



I have the full HD package with sport and movies. I think its £58/month or there abouts.

Had their internet for a few months but it was rubbish - sloooow as hell and kept dropping out. Would never use again.

I've got all three and had no problems at all :thumbsup: The £85 monthly bill isn't the best though :w00t:

Think it works out at

Full Sky Package £48
HD £10
20MB BB £10
Line Rental £10
Talk Anytime £5
+ mobile calls etc


got sky bb and sky talk ,BB is rubbish ( my opinion) slow as hell and keep getting kicked off it numerous times,another reason im going to virgin

Was on SKY broadband MAX 20mb. Got 4mb for the first 2 months then for no reason got 256k. Phoned them up and they fiddled with the settings and i got 11mb for 2 hours and then back to 256k and constant line drops. So in the end i gave up with the clueless people on the phone and went with o2 (which is cheaper if you got o2 contract or pay as you go - £9.50) and now i get constant 11mb. Sky customer service is rubbish!

Hope this helps

Original Poster

ok this is helpfull,

well basically i'm in the process of buying my first apartment :)...so need to get all phone, broadband and sky put in, so i thought for convience just do all 3 together, but obviously thats not such a good option. I was Sky HD for definate with the sports.

Now the question is who do i get my phone line and broadband with. Broadband is quite important as i use my ps3 for online gaming quite a lot!

Broadband has to be ]BE, without a doubt. Have been with them for years and can't fault them (well, apart from their website 'makeover' that happened recently).

I have the full lot and I put the broadband through it's paces continuously being an IT worker. I have had it all for over 2 years (HD for the past 6mths, was sky+ previous) and it has worked great for me. I am on
HD Sky
Broadband 16Meg Max £10
Phoneline rental
Sky Talk £5 (including free calls nationally and to 30 international countries 24hours a day)

I honestly don't think you can beat it. The only issue I have had with the broadband was on the original Netgear ADSL wireless router that they supplied howwver, it is a different model now (which was replaced free) and it works a treat. I get about 11Meg all the time and get the full 1.1 Meg per sec on downloads anytime depending on the server speed sending te data to me. Hope this helps.

had sky for the 1 year contract for all three, sky tv kept breaking up picture, box broke 3 times before replaced with new one which started to go wrong after 3 months again. phone package was ok, broadband hopeless, constant up and down connection, slow very unreliable and people there very very unhelpfull wouldn't touch with a barge pole. Just moved to virginmedia will hope they are better

my broadbands not great, it disconnects randomly and loses connectivity, but we only pay £5 a month for it. Plus the skytalk premium package came free if i took their broadband.. so.. the pennies saved is worth a bit of annoyance.
Speed is about 2mb, im on the lowest setting.
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