Who has the best dongle for a wii ;-)


    Im looking to get my Wii online but dont have a wireless connection in my home. I do have a broadband connection though and I have read that you can connect a dongle via the USB slot on the PC and connect the wii from this. The wii and PC are in the same room in the house so Im guessing there shouldnt be too much problems with picking it up?

    Could anyone shed any light on the responsiveness, plus/minus's of doing it this way? Im not too much of a techy so dont get too complicated.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction for the cheapest/best one available for these I would really appreciate it.


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    You should consider buying a wirelss router. For £25i sh you could get a bit of kit that will be far more useful than just a Wii dongle.
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