Who has the BIGGEST.........

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Found 29th Dec 2010
Let's have a game

Let's see who has the biggest pot holes in there area
And you know to avoid them to

There's some crackers I will post pictures

Pictures are optional

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in b4 someone HIGHlarious posts a pic of the grand canyon or a sink hole.

edit: still in b4 someone HIGHlarious.
Edited by: "ants97" 29th Dec 2010

ours are just starting to crumble away now the ice has melted!



Yeah but i edited mine before your first post :P

well unless14:44 (your highlarious edit) comes before 14.43 (my post) in your world then you didn't.

yeah yeah thats what they all say.

last time I fell into a sink hole i called it a taxi home......

A1 soutbound between just after the Tyne till you get to Team Valley.....potholes are atrocious, actually massive areas without any road surface at all.....bloody disgraceful and bumpy road signs are woefully inadequate!

had all of the pot holed roads round our way resurfaced tbh posh

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Roads in Dundee tayport and Newport being the worst is crumbling away

There's a massive pothole near my work ( more like a crater )
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