Who has the cheapest broadband + phone line package?

    Not strictly mobiles, but I figured people on here would know the most about phones.

    My 12 month contract with BT expires next week. So can anyone help me find out who has the cheapest prices for combined line rental and broadband. We currently get 7mb/s broadband although our exchange is only running at 8mb/s at the moment. This is fast enough. However we watch a load of Iplayer and movies online so unlimited or 40gb+ is a must. We have T-mobile contract and Orange PAYG so do not qualify for the O2 £5 off.

    I have just been on the phone. BT will not actually match O2's prices of £17 per month for broadband and phone line rental + evenings. Disapointing indeed as we are not actually O2 customer. We are currently paying £11.50 evenings and weekend calls + £17.99 for broadband. Before BT we were previously on Pipex then Bulldog own line and they cut our service for 1 month for no reason (said we still had service) hence we moved back to BT as they were doing free reconnections.


    Me too....

    Unfortunately I'm not in a LLU area either!

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    Thats a ******, as you will have to stay with BT. At least I have some options on that front.

    I've got a Vodafone mobile and I get Vodafone at home for £25 a month. Not the absolute cheapest but it does include all calls to other landlines (all day) and unlimited broadband.

    Try this…age

    Plus £25/40.00 quidco

    Or talktalk.£65.00 quidco

    Depends on your location. Use ]moneysupermarket's broadband tool to find out. Also visit MSE for tips.

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    Right I have changed to Be for broadband ( At £7.50 per month its as cheap as O2 for O2 customers except with only £25 quidco and no 2 month free deal offer. I spoke to someone on the sales team, and asked her if they have any offers on combined landline aswell as Bethere are partners with O2. Surprisingly the woman said she could not give me any details of that until full details are published on the website.

    With this news I have not taken the £3 off line rental offer from BT for resigning for another 12 months in the hope that they will be offering me the O2 landline package soon. I am now on BT pay monthly which means I have to pay an extra £2+ for free weekend and evening calls!
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