Who here got PS+

    Who 's got Playstation Plus would you recommend it.


    i got it but it was only because I did not have LBP & Wipeout HD....
    Both games are excellent especially LBP but if you already have either I doubt the other **** they give away every month is very enticing. The trial games can only be played whilst you are online and cannot be accessed more than once as i found out by playing savage moon for 10 mins then had to go out and when i tried to play the next day the trial had expired..
    The free themes dont appeal to me nor do the avatars..

    So to sum up only get it based on those 2 games!!


    Only £35 here.

    I agree with the guy above, except the free themes are very much welcome. You can play the game trails from 1 hour after you first launch it, so make sure you take the phone off the hook when you do!

    FieldRunners (Mini) is a very addictive Tower Defence game! Also don't forget demos/updates/system updates are automatically downloaded and installed.
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