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Found 20th Jul
Hi my daughter has just bought a manual Mini.
When she puts the Reg No. in to get an
insurance quote. It states that it's an automatic not manual. I've contacted the DVLA to try and get this changed, but I'm told they don't hold that information. Does anyone know who does please? Makes getting a quote a pain.
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Hi, Have you had the car thoroughly checked and double checked vin/chassis number and not on false plates etc? The car should be registered with the correct transmission unless it's had a recent change of gearbox which seems like a lot of work and expense.
Yep. It all seems to check out ok.
When we spoke to the insurance company they said it wasn't unusual. 1st time I've heard of it though
Do you know if it's showing as manual on the log book? As far as i know the only way to change it is by filling in a change of detail on the log book. If it's a clerical error on their part i'm not sure how that's resolved i'm afraid. Good luck
That info isn't on the log book. I thought it was. Thanks for the help.
As long you have a record that you told your insurance you should not be bothered about that.
Don't ignore this now. When you come to sell the car, it will bite you. Happened to me on a car where Autotrader and most other firms had the wrong model listed and therefore gave the wrong price. In your case (auto vs man), this may work for you but someone is going to get a shock and you will own the problem just as you are selling it.
Legally she is covered as the insurance company were happy to change the details over the phone. I'd like to get the problem fixed long term though.
Something similar has happened to me but it was the model or spec but I can't remember 100% which. If its bellow registered 2000 then I wouldn't worry too much. Make sure you keep documents safe and do a hpi check. That should tell you if it's manual and so should mot I think
The information is wrong on the Insurance Vehicle Data Bases.

I had this once with a Vectra, was showing as 3 Seats and no Doors, it was only showing this on certain Insurance co though,
Approach the manufacturer, via dealer network. Depending on the brand, you can get the initial factory build spec list.
If it’s a problem at their end it needs fixed there too. She could miss out on recall notices etc if they have the wrong spec.

Ford for instance has etis.ford.com where you can get a very detailed spec of the car. Great for identifying optional extras
Thanks Oneday77. Sounds like a plan
I had the incorrect serial number on a Kawasaki bike I bought new. Had to take it to a DVLA centre to get rectified. Wasn't a major deal but I was a bit unhappy with the dealer.
My friend had an accident claim refused as the insurer said she rolled back into the other car that rear ended her. She said you can't do that in an automatic. They said the car is a manual. It turned out the records were wrong. It was an automatic. They refused to pay out.
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