Who-hoo guess what we are playing

    We got the snes and megadrive down from the attic and set them up, who needs a wii -lol


    i do... but the toilet is downstairs.

    i used to love the mega drive

    AMIGA 600 for me so much fun it hurt

    Props on going retro, many a happy day was spent in front of those nice big chunky pixelated images - but surely thats what the PSP is for?

    Sort yourself out!

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    he,he,he donkey kong is so the best

    and bella thanks for the boot last night, i logged back in to chat and as i did little guy woke up and when i come back you had booted me :-(

    whoops sorry sassie

    sassie, we're on chat now. join us

    I got booted last night.. i wasn't impreseed.

    streetfighter ftw, keep meaning to wire the megadrive up but bit worried bout screen burn on my plasma

    shouldnt your title be you-hoo

    Get a couple of emulators and a smartjoy converter - I've got Snes and Mega Drive on the PC, and can play with the correct controller as well; all you need to do then is download the Roms and you're away! Have to say though, my favourite that i play most often has to be Super Mario 3 on the original NES; the ULTIMATE in platform gaming

    My HDMI cable doesn't fit into the back of my MegaDrive. :-(



    My HDMI cable doesn't fit into the back of my MegaDrive. :-(

    second hand tv's go for a snip now a days, £40 for a 32" widescreen Panasonic I'm not complaining, some people even given them away for free a 27" Panasonic 2-3yrs old on freecycle in my area :thumbsup:

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