Who is best Emirates, KLM or Qatar Airlines??????

Found 8th Jun 2009
Flying to tanzania in the near future and want to know what anyone thinks on these airlines. I have flown KLM before so i know them (plus i'd get the loyalty scheme). however I have heard good things about emirates. Not sure about Qatar. The prices are all very similar so its just a point of which one. any help[ would be greatly appreciated.
Ta muchly
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Out of those 3 Qatar is the best (5 star airline) Some reviews-
]Qatar Airways
Qatar got new planes etc atm with whole new in plane entertaiment.....
Qatar always gets amazing reviews!
cheers guys, so no rave review for emirates then?

cheers guys, so no rave review for emirates then?

No.... and they sponsor a crap football team too!!! :w00t:
i flew with qatar airlines - booked my flights to Kuwait on their website - got it a lot cheaper than ringing them up for a deal - excellent customer service would recommend them to everyone
IMO Emirates rival Virgin Atlantic which, contrary to popular belief, I've never had any problems with, the entertainment systems are excellent with a super choice, and the seats are larger than average and comfortable and the food is edible which is more than I can say for a lot of airlines. I certainly wound't not fly Emirates having in mind Qatar has a fairly hefty premium.

If you're heading out East Qantas is even pretty good, my round the world ticket was with them and they certainly don't go that extra furlong for customer satisfaction like Qatar but they were fine for my needs and you can get Economy Plus for a few quid more which puts you in a less crowded section of the plane and more leg room.
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