Who is better o2 or T Mobile?

Found 26th Sep 2010
do u get any rewards on tmobile or anything like that??


o2 personally, i wasnt too pleased by T-mobile customer service, could just be me but most of the people i know also are on o2


o2 for me due to the signal being excellent where ever i go

For signals, i heard t-mobile joined up with orange awhile ago. did that improve the signal?

02 simply because of the aerials/phone masts they got everywere they own, t mobile just rent to use a particular mast so that might not be everywere and might not get the full proper bandwidth of the mast because of that.
02 has better leverage to give better deals and spec out as they been around far longer i.e. bt cellnet and now o2.
t/mobile is now with orange but there still working on connecting the both as for the mean time still to sperate companies with sperate phone networks and not one as its made out.

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in terms of internet though, who would be best

02, more up-to-date hardware/software but what type of phone you intending to use ?

O2 - Customer service is great, Signal great and discount of my broadband.

Was on T-mobile 2 years ago and struggled to get a signal.

Im with t-mobile and signal is naff....dont think the merger is making any difference to getting a better signal.....especially in doors.


I'm on T Mo'bile too. Only till the end of my contract then I'm offski. They're crap.
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