Who is in the wrong, me or OneStop?

    On 29/11, I started my new contract, the first air time bill as usual arrives within a month, mine arrived dated 4th Dec and being my first bill (please correct me if I’m wrong) or does this not count as your first bill?

    I have sent them my bill dated 4th July as this is the 8th bill which I have to send to receive the cashback. They have returned the claim saying it is early, the same occurred when I sent them my 4th so then I sent them my 5th bill when I received the cheque

    I have had no problems with E2save who have confirmed my first claim on the 4th airtime which came within 4 month, it’s only Onestop I ‘m struggling with.
    Surely them being the same CPW company would have the same procedures in place or is there something wrong with the admin side at OneStop.

    This time I thought of sending the 9th bill but did not want them to say it’s late being the 9th and forfeit the cashback. I’d rather send them the bill again incurring extra recordered delivery charges but it’s just so annoying.

    Thanks in advance


    First bill is the FIRST bill you received. Only that makes sense, unless OSPS counts that as ZERO :lol:

    [SIZE=2]Since all payments are taken in advance, you will normally receive the first bill within days of connection. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Fight back hotuk ;-) [/SIZE]

    e2save and osps are wierd....their counting of months seems to differ slightly, the best way to do it is ring them and ask for each phone you have what exact months are required....

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    I did ring them on the first claim rejected and the lady wasn't very co-operative tellimg me to check the pack that came with your phone.

    I asked here can you give me dates and she said it's the 4th,8th and 12th bill.

    What more am I expected to do? :confused:


    e2save and osps are wierd....their counting of months seems to differ … e2save and osps are wierd....their counting of months seems to differ slightly, the best way to do it is ring them and ask for each phone you have what exact months are required....

    I found e2save helpful...after you have got your contract/phone you can set up an account with them and they tell you which months statement to send and print off redemption vouchers if you ever need them, you can't go wrong.

    yeah e2save is SO much better than osps in after sales online help, thats why id never buy a phone off osps as quidco and service is better with e2save.

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    I have had a reply from OneStop so it means I have to send my 9th airtime bill, everyone out there please be aware of your OneStop cashback claims.
    They like to make it confusing.

    The email...

    Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding your cashback and how to claim.

    Your claims can be made 4, 8 and 12 calendar months after your connection date which is 29th November 2005. Please note that all claims are only valid for a 30 day period.

    This means that when the month you are claiming against becomes valid, you must send the most recent network bill and your original claim form to us. We also recommend that you send all paperwork via recorded delivery to ensure its safe arrival (this of course remains your personal decision.)

    We are unable to accept claims that do not enclose original paperwork or that arrive outside the claim periods. Claims that have not been made correctly will not be honoured without exception, so it is important that you ensure that the claim is made correctly and arrives safely within the correct period.

    We hope that you have found this information useful, however if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 0845 456 7878 or contact customer support on [email protected] and we will be happy to help you

    At least they sent your claim back!! Some restialers would just tear it up...

    With most retailers it's the bill showing you've been connected for 4 months. Most networks charge in advace so the bills are often a month ahead of your cashback, if you understand what I mean. You really need to use a calendar or diary to work it out... even I can't manage it in my head (yet...).

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    Hi Duckmagic2,

    Yes I agree with you and it is better than forfeiting cashbacks all together like how Phonebox do.

    I've moved this to Misc.

    Comments and suggestions is really for HUKD comments.

    OneStops policy is quite clear. They DONT ask you to send the 4th, 8th & 12th bill, they ask you to send the most recent bill after 4, 8 & 12 months of connection. Never had any problem with this. I always mark the future dates of my cashbacks in my diary (Google Calanders is very good for this coz you get an email reminder!) then you don't have to keep count of all your bills. Especially helpful if you've got lots of cashback deals or credit card deals!

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    But on the cashback pack I received with my phone, it stated to send 4th,8th and 12th airtime bills.

    The OneStop email I posted above makes more sense.
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