who is suzie green? (identity)

    sure she has been in another tv programme but cant remember what???

    also, whan submitting why doesnt my text box (the one im writing in) sit anywhere near the topic / description box on my left? im sure it used to?


    Curb your Enthusiasm - do you mean Susie Green? She was also in Hart to Hart (long, long time ago).

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    no theres a tv programme on itv now called identity and theres a character called susie green. not sure where i have seen her before?

    She was in the Braithwaites - if you mean the one I'm thinking you do!

    I thought i recognised her too and i've never heard of the Braithwaites so it can't be that,

    Its Sarah Smart - she's been in a few things like the Braithwaites, Casualty and Agatha Christie. Was also in a kids programme called Woof.

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    you try to give me a little virus there csiman?
    wasnt going to open the link but my curiosity got the better of me and my antivirus went bezerk! ha.
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