I just purchased my first car am 27 years old its a 1.2 Clio S reg, cheapest I have got as a quote is elephant at £818 can anyone recommend anywhere cheaper fully comp?

    Thanks in advance



    try quidco see if theres any on there.

    [url][/url] could be good too.

    How many no-claims bonus years do you have? Also try [url][/url]
    If you can , get a female person on your insurance as a additional driver whom is same age as you or whom is older. This will bring the cost down.

    try adrian flux

    or try ]http//ww…com

    like moneysupermarket will compare a bunch at once!

    try ECARINSURANCE.CO.UK always been reasonable for me, if you pay as you go (monthly) you get 1 yrs no claims for every 8 months

    suprsing and prices are quite low this year. norwich union have shot up like anything

    Admiral are good for young/first time drivers. Always been good to me!

    Quidco giving you £100 cash back via Churchills


    Just done Churchill through quidco. Saved £40 over Direct line and £100 cashback. is very good and is also very up to date with comparing the market

    ALWAYS say you do 5000 or less miles on the road on the search engines, the insurance companies never ever check....
    just means the higher the miles you do the more risk you are in causing an accident so the insurance goes up.

    I went with Churchill as well, with £100 quidco.

    try Quinn direct


    Regardless of who you go with, It might be wise to include an older driver on your insurance.

    Make sure you are the 1st driver, main driver - use this so that you build up a good no claims discount in future years.

    My wee lassie, 21, just got her car last week - insurance was around £800 min, however by including her mum as a 2nd casual driver she managed to get quotes ranging from £450 - Diamond and £510 - GreenInsuranceCompany All with 0 years no claims discount.

    Her car happened to be a 1.6 Renault Megane, quoting an average usage of 7000 miles per year, parking on the street.

    She eventually settled with the greeninsurancecompany (paying monthly DD), who are brokers, the actual insurance was with Fortis. Interestingly the sign up document showed the brokers commission being £232, so it might even be worth going into a local broker who deals with Fortis, asking them for a quote, then asking them their total commission, then using this as leverage to gain an even better deal.

    Good Luck,


    when i had no no claims tesco were by far the cheapest for me (by about £500!)
    screentrade weren't too bad after a couple of years but very expensive this year so i will be changing to sainsburys who were £240 for fully comp the next closest was £289 for TPFT!

    Post Office - they came up with good quotes for me for the last 2 years.

    Original Poster

    Thank you all for your time in replying to this thread.
    Got it down to £616 with Diamond
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