who is the best for online DVD rentals??

    we were with blockbuster which is now a flaming nightmare, been allocating stock since last friday, told on the phone all of the 150+ dvds in my list are out with other customers... now some of these are really old films, kids movies, music dvds, and quizes.
    when i complained to customer service the woman i spke to " BEV" told me to go use one of thier competitors!
    so thats what im doing


    I get on OK with lovefilm, there is a free 3 month trial code floating around too at the moment - I have been with them for 5 months now and not paid a penny so they are cushty with me!

    I don't always get my high priority choices though, if they are the latest films out but they usually have a quick turn around time - I have posted DVDs back on a Monday and received replacements on the Wednesday, other than that then usually it would be the Thursday.

    I went for the 3 DVDs at a time package.

    Hope this helps

    I have used LoveFilm for quite a while and they are good. Sometimes they can be a bit slow (not sending you a film by return of post) but I have no real complaints.

    Good Luck!

    Im on the 3 month free trial with lovefilm at the moment and they have been great. Ive had a couple of free trials with them in the past too which were good also. Would definately reccommend one of their free trials

    i have had lovefilm for free for 18 months now. best by far.

    I had mine for about 2 months... left september time.
    I know then that Tescos were pretty cheap and their dvd's were supplied by Lovefilm!
    Being with lovefilm i did get some freebies though! from cinema tickets (x2) and some 50% off vouchers etc


    i have had lovefilm for free for 18 months now. best by far.

    I'm on my 4th free 3 month trial with them too :whistling:


    thanks guys. might try them then.rep left for your both

    Aww, thanks - glad to be of service - didn't go up a bar though!

    Anyone know if there is a score sheet i can look up the points on?

    LoveFilm are the greatest for online renting. They are very quick to deliver.
    Hope that helps

    I have used lovefilm for about 8 months also (2x 3 month trials and 2 months of wooops! forgot to send DVDs back) LOL
    A word of warning for HD-DVDs they skip - all of them half way through im not sure why, but i think its somthing to do with the way there handled and postage etc... they all have damages in the middle causing disrupted viewing or worse errors!
    Other than that had no other problems, fast, large choice and conviniant oh and much cheep

    Lovefilm have always been great for me. Fast, friendly and efficient

    I'm currently on a months free trial with Amazon (2 dvds at a time, unlimited discs) and finding them to be superb! I've had about 3 weeks so far and got through about 8 discs AND i'm getting new releases and HD discs I have several friends at work who use it, who recommended me and they're all very impressed
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