Who is the personification of perfection??

Found 22nd Oct 2006
Funnily enough, Wikipedia has the answer...

en.wikipedia.org/wik…ion :giggle:
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The Hoff™ used to be a legend! Unfortunatly he fell into the trap of believing his own hype...
The Hoff™ doesn't take himself seriously at all. How can a man that popular in Germany possibly take himself seriously

It's been fixed now, but the original page ducky was referring to is here:
Awww... :-( Why did they do that??
welll ducky.... no ones perfect !!
The Hoff isnt perfect, hes got man boobs!
I really dont like him, i think its that mullet hes had for the last 50 odd years!
I dont like him either, he is too much OTT
He was on Russel brands program and he just acted like a loser altho he does have loads of money lol
When hes on something i wont watch, as he simply does my head in!
But i did see him on t4 with june, what an idiot.
The Hoff. Perfection? This should answer it once and for all. You might want to wear an incontinence pad in case you wet yourself!!

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