Who is your favourite mobile phone company?

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Found 11th Sep 2009
I've been with o2 orange virgin and vodafone. Vodafone (imo) are by far the best company with regards customer service and signal strength


ive bn on tmobile, o2 and voda, tmobile was *****, 02 were pretty good but voda are my fav

Orange for 20 + yrs there pretty crap for signal though

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Orange for 20 + yrs there pretty crap for signal though

you must get some cracking deals

Vodafone contract is my favourite (right abomination?)
although their PAYG deals suck.

Never dropped connection on Voda.

Orange was okay.

3 meh.

T-mobile meh.

O2 - 3G Coverage has improved but not top notch.

just o2 and voda for me nearly 20 years between them i just go with whoever gives me the best deal at end of contract never had a problem with either


asda mobile

cheap rates but get to take advantage of the free roaming from vodafone etc

O2, been with them for 9 years & never had a single problem

I have been on Vodafone, Vodafone, Orange, Tmobile, O2, Tesco, Virgin, Tmobile, Tmobile, Tmobile, Tmobile, Tmobile in that order.

My view:
Vodafone: good 2g, ok 3g, ok phones, ok cs
Orange: good 2g, cr*p 3g, cr*p phones, cr*p cs
O2: cr*p 2g, cr*p 3g, good phones, ok cs
Tesco: Better not say
Virgin: good 2g, ok 3g, cr*p phones, cr*p cs
Tmobile: ok 2g, good 3g, good phones, ok cs

never had the courage to try out 3


you must get some cracking deals

I get what i want well what i'm happy with shall we say

Was with Orange from the dark BRICK day's until they p***** me off and told a pack of lies so went to 3 and the service, signal and price is very good.
Would never go near Orange again. ( Apart from the free £5 sims use and abuse)

o2 are my favourite as they offer decent reception, decent deals (PAYG), decent phones and CS has always got things sorted in the end - though can be a pain the the bum.
Vodafone have the best reception and CS but rubbish deals.
3, well, I lasted 3 days and cancelled the contract. Terrible reception.
Orange have quite poor reception but their deals are ok these days.
Tmobile used to be good value for money but I don't think they are any more and have quite poor reception.

Benn With Tmobile for years and years got the staff discount so can't see me leaving anytime soon ##Having worked for Tmobile, vodafone and 3 I can honestly say the training for T mobile was the most comprehensive but TBH cust service is much of a muchness you get jobsworths in every job and the mobile phone sector really seams to attract 'em. Certinally makes the jobs of the the people who try harder!!

ive been with o2, tmobile, vodaphone, bylk, orange and virgin over the years...but im now on my third 18month contract with tmobile and the couple of problems ive had theyve rectified therefore very helpful.
Only place ive had problems with signal is in couple of pubs and resturants which i really dont mind losing signal in to be honest!
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