who loves the good tuesday night football matches?

    best football matches are tuesday night one's
    in the dark with flood lights and can see you're own breath
    nice and cold makes it a whole lot more fun and better!!!!!!
    anyone agree?


    why are the tuesday ones better than the wednesday ones?


    are u on that leaked list ? lol

    I went to my first footie match last Tuesday to see Stoke they won 2 nil! Loved every minute of it!!

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    why are the tuesday ones better than the wednesday ones?

    because weds night matches are normally champions league games which are crap!!!!
    im a oldham athletic fan! League 1 proper league!!!!

    I'm at a match Tuesday night matches. Don't like half time when it's cold though!

    cup of bovril stamping your feet to keep warm and having a bit of banter with the away fans PURE BLISS

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    or just farting tu keep ya body warm hahaha
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