Posted 24th Feb 2023
I want shoes rather than boots. Who do you recommend for up to around £100 ish and why?
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    I have Berghaus shoes - can't recall the model but I like the ethos behind Berghaus and their mend it rather than bin it attitude. They do free repairs and all you have to cover is the postage. If you use Royal Mail tracked then you can send your shoes in for repair for less than a fiver. Mine went in as they were well used and the little bit of fabric at the back (near the to the ankle) had worn. They replaced it with a soft leather which is still going strong some 10,000's of miles later.…ist (edited)
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    Thank you for you info as I was not aware of Berghaus offering free repair service.

    I have a waterproof jacket and 1 zip pocket needs replacing so at least I know I can send back to Berghaus for their team to repair 
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    The walking shoe conundrum probably hasn't ambled much in the last two months:…567
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    Ah ha, I shall meander through that thread.
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    i always see scarpa being mentioned
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    Timberland, especially the proper leather ones not the recycled plastic ones
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    Decathlon do some pretty good boots,I picked up mine from there for sub £50 and use them all time they just get more comfy every time!
    These look like the new version -creeped up in price but it’s been a couple of years. I’d still buy them without hesitation (we all own them in household)
    (The ankle comfort is key with these for me) (edited)
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    Grisport (edited)
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    Have a look at Hoggs of Fife. There may be something there that suits.
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    Addidas terrex swift gtx
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    Hoka GTX? Got boyf the older version of Sky Kaha for around £95 just before Xmas from Sports Shoes and he loves them.

    Selection of Hoka's "outdoor" selection on there:…=36


    Got him half a size up and they fit perfectly. (edited)
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    Right, there seems to be two types. Fancy new material (gore tex et Al) and leather. I am leaning towards leather for longevity (sounds like an album title?), but what are the newer fabrics like? (edited)
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    Tech materials like Hoka use are extremely light and also don't require the "burn in". Some of the best leather boots (e.g. diemme everest) are very very heavy. Check the reviews for how much they weigh. Spend more if you can Hoka Tor ultras are outstanding.
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    I got 10 years out of a pair of Salomon GTX. They took all weathers and many miles.
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