Who remembers Vladivar Veba?

    It isnt that old but havent seen it in about 4 or 5 years, it was an alcopop that came out in around 2001/2002 that had sweet and sour cherry flavour, it sort of tasted like Cherry Jolly Ranchers(if you remember them) or Cherry Drop sweets but had a almost salty taste that made you want to drink water afterwards.

    Anyone remember it


    Original Poster

    So no one has heard of it lol

    I remember it!
    Very sweet taste, but yeah, just like Jolly Ranchers!!
    There was also one made by Malibu too that was really good, didnt last very long tho, can't remember what it was called.

    I remember it very well, it was my favourite drink. It was the nicest alcoholic drink I've ever had. Morrisons soldit for a while but I could never find anywhere else that sold it. I first tasted it in a pub in the Lake District. I wish I could get hold of some!

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