Who sang the original?

    Pink and 4 non blondes have covered a song called "What's up" or "What's going on".
    Who sang the original please.
    I know Google is my friend but I just can't find it.

    Link to a u tube vid in next post.



    4 non-blondes - "What's Up"

    Hint - look at the associated links on the page :):)

    yeah 4 non blondes
    says here it was written by lead singer of 4 non blondes



    The song was wrote for, 4 Non Blondes … The song was wrote for, 4 Non Blondes :-D

    beat me to it
    this site is better than google

    4 non blonde's sang the original, it was written by Linda Perry (the lead singer)

    Bob geldof??? Lol
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