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Found 11th Dec 2008
Hi... I am new to posting on the forum so please be kind ... I have been saving up to buy the Enise bedroom furniture set for ages and am devestated that the pier has gone into adminsitration. Does anyone know who supplies the pier as I have fallen in love with that bed room range and they only now have the bed in stock. Such a shame the shop has gone into administration as their furniture although pricey are of really good quality and a little different and their staff are so helpfull and friendly. Can anyone please help have been searching the WWW to try find something similar but not really really expensive.

Thank you.
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this one? says made in china.

you ought to go into their shops first thing! grab what you can. before the crowds wreck them.

a quick google ... you could try.

or you could check their annual report or something. or ask the people who work(ed) there where their warehouse is / warehouse sale. or check the trade directory for furniture or home furnishings. doubt it will be named the same range though.

umm how about posting a query on the Furniture World website. people seem quite helpful there. i know it's american but you never know these things tend to be international.
The Pier, was owned by Icelandic group Lagerinn. On Tuesday, December 2nd Lagerinn ehf. sold The Pier in the UK to Hilco. After aquiring The Pier, Hilco put it into administration on Wednesday December 3rd. Lagerinn ehf. currently owns The Pier in Iceland and Latvia.

good luck!
I'm in a similar boat - I bought the Enise wardrobe and chest of drawers, and was planning on buying two bedise tables when I had more space for them. Completely missed the closing down sale (they were selling them for around £40 each, down from £100). Apparently their remaining stock is/was sold off through Debenhams, but having called my nearest Debs they didn't have any left. It's a long shot, but worth giving your local Debenhams a call, they may have something left, though at those prices you'd be very lucky!

Very sad to see The Pier go, they always sold really nice, good quality stuff.
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