who thinks these sennheisers are fake?…2e7

    thinking of bidding on these but theyve been going for cheap and dont know if i can trust them thanks for any help and i will give rep to those who do help


    They look real to me

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    well there hardly going to jump UP and shout "I'M FAKE LOOK AT ME"

    If you look at page 2 of their feedback one buyer as left neg claiming fake goods.
    Personally I would avoid.

    Listing doesn't state anywhere that they're "genuine" so that's a bit of a giveaway. Couple that with what has been mentioned above about buyers leaving a neg for them being fake and you should stay well away.

    Plenty of people have left positive feedback, but that's probably because they don't realise they're fake - only a few eagle eyed buyers have noticed and left negative feedback.

    I just wouldn't bother with eBay. 99% of in-ear Sennheisers on there must be fake - it's just not worth the risk. Buy them from somewhere reputable and pay more. If you can't afford it, buy cheaper earphones like Creatives or Sonys.

    buy jvc gummy or something for about 6 quid on ebay. They arent faked either because they are not worth it.
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