who to use to collect an item?

    i need to get an item collected i won on ebay, it's a 3hr round trip for me, how does the courier colection work and are there any recommendations?

    its a car door, but i don't want to spend too much on collection.

    cheers in advance


    A car door won't be cheap to courier. Try freightchecker or similar for pricing.
    Your seller will need to have the item ready for collection at booking time (could be a day, could be am/pm, depends how much you pay). They will then deliver it you, again in a given timeslot.

    3 hours sounds like a fair old round trip, but depending on how economical your car is, you might find it's just as cheap to collect it yourself.... don't let the distance put you off.

    I bought a car on ebay last weekend and flew from Cardiff to Edinburgh and then spent the rest of the day driving it back to south Wales - made a bit of a sight-seeing tour of it...

    I have car doors delivered all the time, be very careful as they often get damaged on the corners.........who cuases the damage can never be determined but loads of hassle unless they are really well packed.........You should really collectyourself to make sure its ok or use an insured carrier.

    Choose the cheapest from there!

    Original Poster

    thanks guys n gals, looks like i might have to pay a visit as it is very difficult to get that door so i wouldn't want to get a dameged one.

    repped all :thumbsup:
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