Who uses google checkout?

    Just wondering how you use it as I found a potentially great offer code but dont want to officially post it until I know that peeps will get £30 off £40.

    Are you guaranteed £10 with google?

    Find me a gift:

    Google are offering £10 off all orders over £30! Register with them and this voucher can be used over & over again. If you pay by Google Checkout you can also take advantage of the voucher code 'GIFTS' & get £20 off all orders over £40, this is valid until 30/06/07. 01 Jul 2007


    if the code is put in it should bring order value ie amount they would charge below £30- so when you click to choose google checkout as payment the £10 won't kick in - if google £10 works it is very clear at the payment stage. You might get £20 off £50 then another £10 google though. So £50 worth for £20.

    ...which is still a good deal IMO.

    I think you will find rayman has already posted this here:

    Original Poster

    Thanks Sean! A star as always!

    And thanks Bazr for letting me know its already been posted.

    Yep I agree duckmagic £20 off £40 is still a great deal!

    just gotta decide what to buy now:giggle:

    Meh, why cant they accept electron


    I think you will find rayman has already posted this … I think you will find rayman has already posted this here:]

    Differant code - thats "hotukdeals" for a tenner off. This is GIFTS for 20 off.
    I know which I prefer :P

    Must..resist.. Giant Jenga (10ft garden edition) for £27

    Original Poster

    mmm jenga.....

    thanks sean, thought I was reading it wrong:giggle:
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