who uses igoogle?

    its a feature on google, who use it?


    Didn't know what it was so iGoogled it :whistling:

    i love it, its my home page

    Its great. All my fav things on various tabs. You can uss the rss lead for hotukdeals and have that on your igoogle page too :-)

    the ladybirds wandering across my screen look way to real tho i keep catching it out of corner of eye and freaking hehe

    its a module go here…xml they are pretty funky you can change the amount that show and basically you get a bunch of coloured ladybugs wandering across your igoogle page (i have 30!) hehe, can also get fish and butterflies among other things but i think the ladybugs are best

    (wondering if i should mention i also have chippendales man of the day module :whistling: :giggle: )

    that's well cool, homepage defo.

    cheers. :thumbsup:
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