who uses rapidshare uploads?

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Found 15th Sep 2009
whos uploading or uploads to RS?

why am i only averaging uploads of about 133kbps constant? even with the RS uploader and throttle set to 1000kbps it still averages ^^

my UpSpeed is 1.6mbps?!!!??!

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this is what got me ages ago i just use torrents and newsgroups.

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once i get my two tb samsung f3's and 1.5tb seagate im gonna be the biggest leecher ever!

but at the moment im sharing with uploads :-)

You are getting the correct speed.
It all depends on how it is measured.

Your 1.6mb/s speed is measured in bits.
The rapidshare upload speed (133 kB/s) is being measured in bytes (1 byte = 8 bits).
So allowing for some connection overhead you are getting the correct speed.

That said if you are actually talking about the same measurement i.e. bits then try another rapidshare upload carrier.

I've found the fastest way to upload to RS is using the remote upload option...

I use a programme called ]HFS (HTTP File Server) - it's only small and doesn't need to be installed. I drag whatever file I want to upload onto this programme, copy and paste the link into the remote upload box on RS and submit. A few seconds later HFS will show RS connecting and downloading the file from you. For me it's much faster than using a browser or RS uploader.

The only thing you may need to do if using a router with a firewall is open up a port (usually 80 but you can choose) so RS can connect to you.
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