Who was hiding this then?! :)

    Just saw this article on yahoo news and was shocked to find that it hadnt been posted on HUKD!

    Cheap fuel bonanza from faulty pump Queues of traffic built up around the forecourt in Milton, Cambridgeshire, as word spread of the bargain price.

    "A Tesco petrol station was swamped with motorists after a faulty pump mistakenly dispensed fuel for 40p a litre for nearly a week.
    Customers with a 50-litre tank were filling up for £20 instead of the usual 107p-a-litre price of £54.

    Staff only realised there was a fault after hearing a customer who had taken advantage of the low price talking about it on a local radio station.

    An engineer fixed the problem this morning - six days after it was first noticed by customers. "Although we always aim to keep prices down at the pumps, unfortunately, we could not maintain this price indefinitely," said a Tesco spokesman."

    Wish these sort of 'problems' could happen more often :P



    wow...thats one heck of a saving!
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