who watched Motorway Cops last night on BBC1???

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Found 26th Sep 2008
It was mental, never seen or heard anything like that before in my life!!!

be patient it takes a while to get to the "interesting bit"


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tell me , cant access youtube from work

I seen this last night, at first i was shocked > rewind > then i laughed

what a stupid pair of ..

how did that loon get away with a 1 day prison sentence?

I presumed they were high, jeezzz imagine that when your doin 70mph.

alright stop taking the pee

tell me , seriously , i cant access frommwork


alright stop taking the pee tell me , seriously , i cant access frommwork

two foriners, trying to commit suicide by running into motorway traffic, one gets hit by a hgv with trailer, and the other get hit with a car.

you wouldnt mess with that blonde bird! I cannot believe their mentality. They must of been high.

Heres the ]iplayer link from last night

I have to say I was FURIOUS at the end of the show last night.

For some reason they focused on just foreign people in the show, and it showed you how much work are caused to the Motorway police dealing with illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, and people who cannot speak English.

There was one guy from Eastern Europe (Estonia?) who was caught driving at 112mph on the motorway. Turned out his car had no insurance or tax.

When they stopped him turned out he had also been drinking and was well over the limit (even though his drinking had been from the night before).

There was another guy who had come here on a visitors visa 10 years ago but never gone home., He had worked ever since for "cash in hand" and had not contributed one penny in tax or NI contributions (so the likes of you and I are supporting him by paying for the NHS etc)

I thought maybe the BNP had paid for it to be made as it showed immigrants in such a bad light.

In summary:

2 daft swedish bitches tried to play chicken on the motorway one got smashed with a lorry and the other got smashed with a car.

Just been watching this on iPlayer.


http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=248494Posted last night … http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=248494Posted last night too by me and LLM

Let's stick to that thread then.

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